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Postcard Campaigns: Creative, Informative, Easy


Staying in contact with clients, whether they’re new, potential or longstanding, is incredibly important. You must consistently communicate information about your business to your client.

One way to advertise to your customers is a postcard campaign. Postcards are direct mail pieces which reach a broad group of customers cost efficiently. However, you must remember that there are two basic building blocks of a postcard that can make or break its success.


When you’re designing your postcards, you can have a fair amount of creative liberty. Images, fonts, colors – all aspects of the design – must sing well together. It’s best to work with design professionals that live and breathe design that will create the best looking pieces. Also keep in mind that while choosing a theme for your postcards can be fun, it should still be industry relevant and resonate with your customers.


Remember: a postcard only has a small space to work with. Provide information that is absolutely paramount, including details about your company, your products and services and any current promotions. And don’t forget the details! Company name, logo, phone number and address are a given, but be sure to include your website and any social media sites you use.

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