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Google Glasses: A Look into the Future of Advertising?


Imagine waking up, putting on a pair of futuristic looking specs and staring into the mirror. Not only do you see a reflection of someone who looks like they belong in Devo, but you also see a weather forecast, an itinerary for the day’s events, and e-mails streamed directly from your inbox. Then imagine walking down a street of your neighborhood; you’re displayed information about nearby sales, fun games that incorporate your surroundings, and friends who are in the area. It sounds like something out of a blockbuster sci-fi film—glasses with embedded computer technology. But guess what? These futuristic shades are right around the corner.

The New York Times has recently reported that a pair of Google glasses are on their way—glasses that can stream real time information to the wearer through a HUD (heads up display). The web has been abuzz over these cool shades and their potential. However, if you’re someone who thinks public texting is an epidemic that needs to end, just imagine a future spent traversing streets of people trying to multitask with a computer strapped to their face—this news isn’t welcoming.

Early adopters are eager to strap on these cumbersome frames; ready to immerse themselves in a world of apps and fun-filled activities. Undoubtedly, advertisers are also devising fun ways to be part of your world view. Just think, with Google technology, you’ll no longer need to point a phone at something to receive Augmented Reality (AR) displays, they’ll be right in front of you. Using Google Map technology—combined with your Gmail and G+ accounts—advertisers will be able to triangulate your coordinates, and target you based on your location and your web history. Gone will be the days of snapping QR codes with an archaic device—that QR code will now spring to life through your glasses, tailoring an experience that’s right just for you.

It’s a future so bright, but will all of us be wearing Google shades? We’ll have to wait and see.